Am i the only one who found the variable dissapointing, when i heard bout him revelaing his knowledge of the island i thought " oh we are gunna leanr bout smokey, time travel,mysteries of the island, healing stuff" etc and we didnt have any of that, infact what did he tell us, bout the inciddent we already knew , he just emphasised it. We only realy learnt bout his mother being an other and mr widmore being his father with many speculated. For the 100th episode and the fact we had to wait like 2/3 weeks for a proper episode i expected much more. I really liked daniel farady and they go kill him off and bassicly saying his life was pointless. I hope he aint dead but i think if he doesnt die it will be like " oh ben didnt die, daniel didnt die" and no one will believe if anyone acctually dies. Overall i think it could of been better but more action in it and had glimses of the final epsiodes main themes in, i didnt want daniel to die :(

Peoples thoughts and opinions please

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