I have been reading endless posts saying "why dosnt danielle remeber jin" and "Why dosnt desmond remeber daniel"." why didnt ben remeber sayid shooting him"

To me its like this, desmond didnt remeber daniel because he didnt have the knowledge of it happening because it didnt happen yet, people seem to think that because it happened in desmonds past he would of remebered in 2004/5, for daniel it was his present and by him doing that it gave desmond the knowledge of it happening, say time stoped moving and daniel went away and came back and saw desmond again he would of gone "you banged on my door all them years ago". but time moved and because daniel acted in his present desmond then woke up and it was a memory that you just remeber,

Ben who claims to remeber that the temple was where he was healed even though richard said he would forget all of it made me think that he now knows sayid shot him, he didnt remeber when he was captured because for sayid he didnt do it yet.

Sorry this is really hard to explain, comments please, hope i acctually do make sense

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