Hey I have been watching the lsot fianle online for the past 5 hours as the buffering on sites takes forever, i currently have my ICT A-level exam tmoz but feel lost is much more addicting lol . After watching the finale i felt that it was a good epsiode and the last 30 mins was some of the best ever. I was thinking what the hell is gunna happen season 6; -Will flight 815 land in LA. I dont think so as how could we have a season of them carrying on as usual -Will flight 815 crash again. No i dont think so as we would have to bring all the dead characters back etc -Will the losties return to 2008. I feel this is the best poosible solution, i dont know how it will happen but i think they will, but after that i dont see what the main theme will be with all the losties back tgether in 2008, getting off the island again! And how the whole show will end well what the hell is gunna happen. Other issues for season 6; -Will Locke come back to life. I think so as he is too important, i think after the "person" is done with immitating locke i think locke will come back to life, i hope anyway -Who will control the island. -Who are illanas people

I had a dream about the end of the show that somehow like daniel said the plane will just land and they are in the end and there will be a load of turbelence and they all will look at each other and grin like they know what they have experienced then the plane will just level out and carry on, pretty crap i know. Sorry this blog was long just wanted to right stuff down, thanks for reading Namaste

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