Oh my gosh, it sorta came upon me, in a manner of speaking. The reason why Richard doesn't age and why he knows Jacob is because he was on the Black Rock! That's why the season finale of season 5 was of Jacob and his enemie sitting on the beach staring at the Black Rock! I bet that Richard was on that ship, and Jacob met him on the island, the "corruption and death" or whatever the enemie was saying happened, and Richard and some "select few" were left. You know, it kinda makes sense, 'cause Richard wasn't part of the D.I. and he always seems to wear really old clothing.


Oh, I just thought of this. If Richard was really on the island, and say Richard had a wife with him (we're pretending), then he and his wife could be Adam and Eve! Maybe the clothing was really durable back then or something. Then the smoke monster (or Jacob) is just pretending to be Richard, which is why he doesn't age. I mean, Richard said something about Jacob making him that way.....maybe he is Jacob.

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