So I've been thinking about the loophole that Jacob's enemy may of had, and then I would think that it would all come down to John Locke, because he was kind of the key to having Jacob killed. So I think that I have found the loophole...the first dream that Locke had in "Dues Ex Machina." You know, with Boone and Theresea falling up and down the stairs and the plane crashing? Well, I think that Jacob's enemy sent that dream so that Boone and Locke would find the plane, to which Boone would die, to which Sayid would find out about the hatch, to which Jack would find out about the hatch, to which Danielle would find out about the hatch, to which they would blow up the hatch with the dynamite, to which they find the hatch and Desmond inside and start pushing the button, to which Locke loses his faith and doesn't push the button, to which the sky turns purple, to which Locke finds further instructions with the help of Boone, to which he finds Mr. Eko, to which Mr. Eko goes and the monster kills him, to which Locke sees the incription in Mr. Eko's stick, to which Sayid and Kate and Locke and Danielle finds the Flame, to which Sayid finds the map to the Barraks, to which Locke steals some dynamite and blows up the submarine, to which the Others and the survivors go their seperate ways, to which Locke has Saywer kill his father, to which the survivors find out that Juliet has been working for Ben the entire time, to which the survivors find Naomi, to which they have the phone and go up to the radio tower, to which Jack calls for help and blah blah blah leading to the Oceanic 6 and then blah to which they go back but they're in '77 and that's bad.

Oh, the reason why Locke getting a "Charlie horse" is not the loophole is because in his dream, he had his gift of his healed legs taken back, so he was so paronoid about the matter that he kinda imagined it.

I would love the comments.

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