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February 8, 2009
  • Leaiceprincess

    A Loophole?

    November 10, 2009 by Leaiceprincess

    So I've been thinking about the loophole that Jacob's enemy may of had, and then I would think that it would all come down to John Locke, because he was kind of the key to having Jacob killed. So I think that I have found the loophole...the first dream that Locke had in "Dues Ex Machina." You know, with Boone and Theresea falling up and down the stairs and the plane crashing? Well, I think that Jacob's enemy sent that dream so that Boone and Locke would find the plane, to which Boone would die, to which Sayid would find out about the hatch, to which Jack would find out about the hatch, to which Danielle would find out about the hatch, to which they would blow up the hatch with the dynamite, to which they find the hatch and Desmond inside a…

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  • Leaiceprincess

    Room 23 Video

    October 20, 2009 by Leaiceprincess

    So I finally found out how to work the easter eggs in the season 3 special features and I found the room 23 video, and there was this quote in the video that makes not sense to me: "The extinction of desire is Nirvana." What does that mean? Is Nirvana a Buddhism reference or some other religious reference? Or is Nirvana an unknown person yet to be discovered in season 6???

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  • Leaiceprincess

    Theory 6

    August 25, 2009 by Leaiceprincess

    Because of all the drama about every single friggin religious allusion in Lost, and the executive produces saying that the answer is in front of us, maybe Jacob is God himself. How else would Jacob make Richard not age, cure Rose's cancer, and make John Locke, who had a 98% chance of ever feeling aything in his legs, walk? I think that Jacob is the island, and it is really heaven (instead of purgatory). Wasn't there seven heavens of Islam? Maybe the characters are going through the seven heavens, and some receive miracles, and when they solve their problems, they go to the seventh heaven. Just a thought...

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  • Leaiceprincess

    Theory 3 & 4

    August 25, 2009 by Leaiceprincess

    Oh my gosh, it sorta came upon me, in a manner of speaking. The reason why Richard doesn't age and why he knows Jacob is because he was on the Black Rock! That's why the season finale of season 5 was of Jacob and his enemie sitting on the beach staring at the Black Rock! I bet that Richard was on that ship, and Jacob met him on the island, the "corruption and death" or whatever the enemie was saying happened, and Richard and some "select few" were left. You know, it kinda makes sense, 'cause Richard wasn't part of the D.I. and he always seems to wear really old clothing.


    Oh, I just thought of this. If Richard was really on the island, and say Richard had a wife with him (we're pretending), then he and his wife could be Adam and Eve! M…

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  • Leaiceprincess

    Chess Board

    August 11, 2009 by Leaiceprincess

    My new theory on "The Rules" (if they exist, of course): So imagine a giant chess board. There are two sides (Charles Widmore and Ben). This chess is different from regular chess because the rules and situations are different:

    • Instead of having the king killed (or placed in checkmate), the island is on one side and the other side either wants it or needs it.
      • Back then, before the plane crash, Ben had the island because he banished Widmore (for unexplained reasons??) and, obviously, Widmore wanted the island back.
    • There can be more than two sides (maybe Jacob is one side or maybe the Black Rock or Henry Gale)
      • I believe that when the plane crashed, it created another side (more or less a third side), which was the survivors of 815. Since Ben had…
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