• LeMage

    Just A Theory...

    June 28, 2009 by LeMage may not dig, but I think, when it gets down to wrapping the show next season, we will find out that EVERY person on Oceanic 815 gets killed. Y'see, the PTB (Jacob?) knew all along that flight 815 was destined to crash, so with a little judicious "course correction," this inevitible crash was bent to serve a better purpose...crashing on the island, setting up a chain of events to save mankind by "borrowing" a couple of years of the lives of a doomed group of people. They accomplish their mission. The balance is restored. They find themselves (either with or without knowledge of their last few years in an alternate sidespur reality) back where they started: On Oceanic 815. Which crashes, like it always was supposed to anyway, ki…

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