Someone has probably made the connection, but ... On one hand, the numbers are part of the Valenzetti equation. On the other hand, they are related to the final candidates. OK, you could dismiss Valenzetti as non-canon, but maybe there's a way to connect the two. The equation is supposed to predict the end of the world ... and think about it, it took the conjuction of all the "numbers", of all the last candidates, to prevent the end of the world ( i.e. the end of the Light and Smokey unleashed )! 4, Locke : by dying, provided Smoky a vessel of flesh and blood that led to his demise. 8, Hurley : provided contact with Jacob, which saved Jack from the Temple attack, 15, Sawyer : gave Smoky critical information about Jack being the new protector, which led to their fateful confrontation, 16, Sayid : sacrificed himself to save the last candidates, 23, Jack : fought Smoky and saved the Light, and 42, the Kwons : their death fueled the survivors with enough motivation to finish Smoky once and for all. All are part of the "equation", the unique conjunction of events that repelled the end of the world. So the Valenzetti thing maybe makes sense ... and Dharma was waiting for the candidates without knowing it.

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