What/who do you think controls what happens in the FST ? And no, I don't mean Damon and Carlton ! I mean, do you think the losties decide what happens to them, or is the island in charge ? Think about it : I can picture Sawyer wanting to experiment a cop 's life, after all, he was sheriff LaFleur … and chose Miles as his right-hand man in both cases ! But … when Kate bumps right into Claire, and then Sawyer, we all can see the island's hand. So ? Has Jack « created » David as a therapy for his daddy issues, or has the island ? Is Kate punishing herself for her father's murder by turning herself into a fugitive once more, or is the island ? I know Christian claimed the losties « made » the FST, but that's no proof : Jacob claimed to let them « a choice he never had », but he was also quite manipulative. Still, I think the losties more or less control what they experience there. Exhibit A : Sayid. In « LAX », when he's dying from the bullet wound, he tells Hurley he deserves hell. And boom ! He has to see Nadia married to his annoying brother … probably the closest thing to hell for Sayid. Why would the island punish someone who sacrificed himself to save the candidates ? No, I feel Sayid's punishing himself.

What do you think ?

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