Although the nature of the flash-sideways didn't bother me, something bugged me anyway : it means some of the FST people, including Jack's son, may very well "not exist". I know, I know, the point was to show Jack's character in another light and it's not like fictional characters "exist" anyway. BUT there might be a way to consider David "real". Imagine one second Kate got pregnant from Jack the night before Ajira flight took off. We don't know exactly how much time elapsed between her arrival in '77 and the final seconds of the show, so she probably COULD be pregnant without knowing it yet. And perhaps, back in the world, she gives birth to David. Her eyes are green ( they look green to me ) , so she can have a blue-eyed son. OK, in that case, Jack wouldn't know about him ... but perhaps Kate "brought" him in the FST ? Yes, one might argue Locke said "you have no son, Jack", but hey, in my scenario, he died before David was born, so how could he know ? FST-awareness doesn't make you all-knowing, after all. What do you think ?--Lccf 10:19, October 9, 2010 (UTC)

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