Ive been wondering about that sentence : "A war is coming, and if you're not on the island then, the wrong side will win." Whose side is Widmore on ? I suppose it depends on how you understand the pronoun. If he meant "you, John Locke", he was making sure Nemesis had a body to replicate. But if he meant "you, the Oceanic Six", he was making sure the candidates came back to Jacob. I know most of us are branding Widmore as a bad guy, since he's ready to kill to protect the island, and seems to have been the Leader at the time of the Purge. But let's face it, in some cases, he seemed to have done Jacob's bidding : Richard was involved in the Purge, and I doubt he would or could act without Jacob's say-so ( when Widmore decides on his own to have Ben kill Alex and Rousseau, he makes his disapproval known ) . So I'd say the "wrong side" could be Nemesis'. Widmore knows about the war, and so far, only Jacob has exhibited precognitive abilities ( Nemesis is just a good planner ) : that makes me think that,no matter how brutal he is, Widmore is on Jacob's side. Anyone with me on this one ?--Lccf 08:40, March 7, 2010 (UTC)

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