One of the questions I expected season 5 to answer was : why don't most of the Others ( Richard et alii ) don't move in time like the losties ? My theory : trought the process you undergo in the Temple - whatever that might be - you are physically "attuned" to the island, you become a part of it. The wheel ( arguably built by the same civilization as the temple )is there to "get rid" of those who are not "attuned" to the island, sending them back in time, and that's why, when you activate it, you're supposed not to come back to the island ( providing what Ben said is true ... which often is not ! ) : you "lose the tune", you have to sacrifice your connexion to the island to make others lose it. Juliet is the only Other to be sent back in time, probably because she hasn't underwent temple initiation ( Richard has said that Ben didn't care enough about Other traditions, after all ). It seems confirmed by the fact that people that have spent more time on the island ( Juliet, Miles ) , and so have some kind of connexion to it, though to a much lesser extent than through the Temple, are less affected by the wheel.

What do you think ?--Lccf 11:33, November 9, 2009 (UTC)

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