The writers haven't answered to an important question regarding the time flashes : who shot Sawyer and co's outrigger in "The Little Prince" ? My guess is, if that wasn't answered, it's because it would be too spoilery about season 6. My theory : Jughead created an alternate turn of events within the same timeline. In other words : the events didn't take place, but those who lived them are still here ... and we have two sets of Losties coexisting. But I also think that, due to course-correction, these "new" Losties will crash on the island anyway. Perhaps the people on the other outrigger were part of these alternate Losties. We know that the writers like irony, and what bigger irony than if Juliet shot Jack, Sawyer ... or herself ( maybe she never was an Other in this timeline ) ??? Nemesis-Locke almost meeting Locke in "Follow the leader" leads me to think they're not shy about having the same character twice in the same scene ...--Lccf 13:27, December 21, 2009 (UTC)

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