After all, we haven't exactly seen the monster protect anything. So where could this idea of a « security system » come from ? I can imagine the monster-controlled Rousseau expedition could just tell a lie … But the Others have thought of the monster as a security system too, judging by the ritual we've seen in « The Shape of things to come ». And I still think they could be right, except there's a twist.

In the commentary for « Across the sea », Damon and Carlton heavily suggest that Crazy Mom was a smoke monster too, given that she couldn't have slaughtered the village without some kind of superpowers. And when she speaks about a fate « worse than death », she seems to speak from experience. So, here's how I see things :

- Date unknown ( dawn of time ? ) : Crazy Mom becomes Protector of the island. One day, driven by curiosity, she enters the Source … and gains smoke powers. But she remains Protector anyway.

- Some centuries before « Across the sea » : an Egyptian settlement comes to the island. They acknowledge Smoky Mom's role as protector, the « security system » of the Source, if you will. She seems to have been benevolent, or indifferent enough, to them, to let them build various monuments, and they even turned to her for protection( Ben's secret room ) or judgment ( the Temple's sublevel ). She could have been such a force for the village too, since she let them live on the island for about thirty years … except they threatened the integrity of the Source, and then she used her powers to protect … the island.

- But when the Man in Black steps into the role, he refuses to protect anything, since it's already Jacob's job. Some time after « Across the sea », the Light is even damaged, and the stone cork has to be build ( this has been confirmed by the writers ).

- When the Others, and then Rousseau's team, come to the island ( once again, the writers have indicated the Others as we know them begin to exist with Richard ), they find hieroglyphs describing the monster as a security system. We don't really know what the field of expertise of Rousseau's team was, maybe one could read hieroglyphs … and anyway, I'm sure the Others do. Not aware that the monuments' inscriptions are about Mom, not the MIB, they think they can harness the MIB's power for protection … and he maintains the illusion, since it can be useful to make people think they can use you as a tool, as evidenced by Ben's case in « Dead is dead ». Sure, Jacob could have warned them of their mistake, but it's not like he isn't the secretive type, and he wasn't going to admit his part in transforming his brother.

Sounds plausible ?

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