Reading some posts, I've had the feeling that more and more of us were inclined to think that, maybe, if only one of the timelines should "survive", it should be the FST. Think about it : most of the characters ( Jack, Ben, Locke ... ) are in "better" places in the FST than they are in the OT - not to mention, some are alive that aren't any more in the OT. Even alternate Desmond, which is not as happy as our Desmond at the beginning of "Happily", finally has his chance at happiness when he finds Penny. We think the events SHOULD occur as they did in the OT because we're accustomed to it, but if they're not ? I remember someone suggesting, some time ago, that maybe Jacob tampered with the timeline, and the FST is the way the events were supposed to be. I have to say, flash-sideways after flash-sideways, I agree more and more. It's possible Jacob interfered with the losties' lives, and the FST is their chance at free-will, free from fate. After all, some flash-sideways, as Charlie pointed out, are about choices ( Ben has to choose between Alex and power, Locke between despair and hope, Sayid between good and evil ... ) ... and what do choices mean without free-will ? Who knows, maybe the FST is the island's "reward" for the losties for defeating the MIB ? --Lccf 16:23, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

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