Let's draw some lines, shall we ? So we have : On the left, Team Jacob, with Jack, Hurley, Miles, Iliana, Lapidus, Sun, Ben ( yeah, I know ), and, somewhere, Richard . On the right, Team Nemesis, with Claire, Sawyer, Jin, Kate, Sayid ... and most of the Others. Nemesis seems to have the advantage ( not to mention his smokey powers ... ) . But ! Jin is probably just buying some time, I wouldn't bet on Sawyer and Kate's loyalty , as for Claire and Sayid, we don't know how the "infection" works, but maybe there's a possibility it can be undone ( I don't think so, sadly, but ... ) . So, all in all, Nemesis is, in fact, walking on shaky ground. Plus, I woudn't bet against a team that has TWO dudes who can talk to the dead, an ageless guy and a master con man. If there's a way to defeat Nemesis, Richard will now about it, and Ben can probably make him walk into a deadly trap and thank him for it. So, despite what Nemesis did back in that cave, and despite what the Temple now looks like, I'd say Nemesis is not as strong as he thinks. Where do you think his plan will fail ? My opinion : we all saw that Nemesis is aware that Kate can't be trusted. So he will kill her, and Sawyer, in retaliation, will turn on him- which maybe is what he always has planned to do. But maybe that's just because I can't accept the idea of Sawyer being on Team Dark. What do you think ?--Lccf 21:09, March 3, 2010 (UTC)

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