One thing was bugging me : how is it that being exposed to the Light, which is supposed to be the embodiment of "pure good", can turn you into "evil incarnate" ? And then, I thought about Mother's acts. In the name of "good", of "purity", she commits atrocities ( killing Claudia, slaughtering the village ) ... and so does Jacob, as he let the Purge happen. Maybe the moral meaning is that mankind is not "pure good" or "pure evil" , as we've seen with most of the losties, but a mixture of both. Hence, when you expose someone to the "pure good" that is the Light the evil in him is magnified, to balance things ... as the human heart and mind can't possibly sustain "pure good". I'm not sure that's clear, but that's the way I see things. Thoughts ? --Lccf 13:18, May 13, 2010 (UTC)

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