Thinking back on "The Candidate", I was wondering : "Silly you, why do you all go on a shootout when you've got a bulletproof guy ( supposedly ) on your side ? Just sit and drink Dharma beer watching him do the job !" And then, I realized : They all know they're dealing with the Smoke monster, and that the smoke can't be harmed, but Sawyer probably briefed them on the fact that water seems to prevent him from taking his smoke form. And no one knows he's bulletproof in his Locke form. The only living individual who's seen him unharmed by bullets is Ben. Sayid knows a knife doesn't kill him, but that doesn't prove he's bulletproof. Jack knows he's survived a mortar attack, but he has no means of knowing if he was hit or not. I don't know if even Claire knows about the extent of his powers. So we can read the scene like this : the MIB knowingly keeps his bulletproof ability a secret, to put the losties in danger, hoping some of them would die in the shootout. Nasty, very nasty, MIB. Makes you wonder for how long he's been planning to kill the candidates ... or rather, have someone kill them. Do you think, as I do, that he was on-island Dave, trying to push Hurley to kill himself ? In "White rabbit", was he really leading Jack to the caves ... or to his death, at the cliffs ? Was he Walt in "Abandoned", leading Shannon to her death ( so far we know he can pose as the dead, which Walt wasn't, but he's "special", so could be ) ? What ways do you think he has thought of to dispose of the candidates ? --Lccf 12:52, May 6, 2010 (UTC)

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