On one side, we've got Richard, pretending Jacob "doesn't tell people what to do". On the other side, Jacob himself claimed to have just told Hurley to take Ajira flight, but just pushing Jack to become protector of the island ... Notice Jack CHOOSES to pick the job ... but Jacob certainly prepared him for it in the lighthouse. So maybe no choice at all, maybe Jacob chose him as protector but tricked him into thinking it was his decision. But does Jack believe it ? After the lighthouse, he seems willing to accept his fate is sealed, so maybe he pretends to have a choice, but knows he doesn't ... To further add to the problem, Jacob might not have foreseen Hurley would be the next protector ... but maybe he did, since he seems to have special interest for Hugo ... More, Mother had chosen the Man in Black as protector ... but the island / fate / you name it "chose" Jacob instead. So ? What wins in the end ? Fate or free-will ? I'd say fate, what about you people ? --Lccf 12:28, June 3, 2010 (UTC)

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