Some days ago, I read a post that asked : why does Smokey obey Ben in "Shape of things to come" if he's a sentient being, and not a security system ? I originally thought that he fooled the Others into thinking he was just a tool, but after "The Substitute", I guess that what he told Sawyer was essentially true : he is "trapped" on the island, bound to some rules ... that include obeying the one that undergoes the procedure shown in "Shape" and "Dead is dead" ( except this time, as Locke, he seemed to have been free not to answer ) . As he seems to have a complicated relation to water, he may be trapped on the island ... just because it's an island, and maybe he can't cross water, just like he can't cross ash ( remember Eko's last episode ? at a moment, Ekowas drinking by a small stream of water, the "monster" came near, but didn't attack ... because he couldn't ?????? ). That'd explain his hate for Jacob, who set or enforced the rules, and his line to Richard about his "chains". Don't get me wrong, I still think he's the "evil" one, but I suspect he may have been honest with Sawyer about that, and that gives him some excuses, doesn't it? Wouldn't you uber-pissed after being trapped on the island for maybe centuries ? I guess the only thing he's lying ( or wrong ) about, is there's nothing to protect the island from. An island with regenerative properties and a Lazarus Pit has to remain safe, if just from scrutiny, right ? Thoughts ?--Lccf 12:53, February 19, 2010 (UTC)

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