So far, season 6, with its "light side" vs. "dark side", has been the more Star-Wars-esque of all. ( I know, some of us don't think Jacob is a "good guy", but let's face it, he seems to be the lesser evil, and the Jedi aren't perfect either )To the point : the Temple attack seems to be the equivalent of the Hoth attack in Empire : it leaves our heroes scattered and weak. So, soon, our "Luke" should be tempted by the dark side. Do you think it's possible Nemesis will try to corrupt the one that seems to be the prime candidate, Jack ? And how will he react ? Before you yell that Jack can't POSSIBLY go to the dark side, may I remind you that, in one of the versions of Return of the Jedi, Luke was supposed to become the new Vader in the end ? I don't think Jack could go that far, but he's pissed at ghost Jacob for keeping secrets, like Luke was pissed at ghost Obi-Wan for keeping secrets, and that's dangerous territory, isn't it ? ( By the way, if I'm right, our "Han", Sawyer, is not a "bad guy", just misguided right now, but he will be on the side of the angels at the end of the day ) . Thoughts ?--Lccf 13:05, March 15, 2010 (UTC)

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