Season 6 : good scenes in bad or "meh" episodes, and vice-versa

Lccf April 27, 2010 User blog:Lccf

There seems to be a lot of debate around season 6 so far ... even if everyone seems to agree on the best episodes. But hasn't it occured to you that, sometimes, you like an episode as a whole, but a scene bugs you, you wish they had cut it, or done it differently ? And, on the contrary, you disliked an episode, but some scenes are just outstanding ? Let me tell you mine. I wasn't convinced by "LAX", but I admit some scenes are very good : 815 landing, of course, the downfall to the underwater island, Boone telling Locke he'd follow him to survive on a deserted island, Jack and Locke's discussion at the airport. I positively HATED "Recon" ( although I'm a big Sawyer fan, especially when he has no shirt, but I digress ... anyway, I thought his storyline and acting were way better in "The Substitute", or even in the heartbreaking dock scene in " What Kate does" ) , but there were some good scenes : the initial twist that Sawyer's telling the truth when he claims to be a cop, our Sawyer taking a trip down memory lane in the bear cages, or not buying Zoey's con. I'm still conflicted about "The last recruit", but Sayid and Desmond's confrontation was classic LOST : Desmond hits right at the emotional and moral core of the show. If these were his last words ( I don't think so ) , what a way to go ! On the other hand, I quite enjoyed "Everybody loves Hugo", but Ilana's death über-annoyed me. Not only is it a lazy way to get rid of her, a rip-off of Arzt's death which is not even funny this time, but the writers almost admit it is lazy : come on, "the island was done with her", what kind of lame excuse is that ? So, if you had to cut or redo a scene in an episode, or only keep one, what would be your picks ?

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