With season 6 on the horizon ( one month !!! ), maybe it's time to sum up season 5, by listing what we liked and disliked in it. All in all, I enjoyed it, but not as much as season 4. It had great moments, and also shortcomings. The time-travel and "two Lockes" thing was VERY hard to swallow. I like sci-fi a lot, I just didn't expect to see such things in Lost. It worked reasonbaly well, but it demanded more suspension of disbelief than usual for this show.

What didn't work ( for me ) : - Jacob's cabin revealed not to be Jacob's. For writers who claim to have planned everything, it sounds awfully like a big fat retcon. It left me worried for the last season. Don't get me wrong : I like the "new" Jacob, Pellegrino's a fine actor. Just a shame that it's not better tied to "Man behind the curtain". - The inconsticencies in the timeline some of you have noted between "Looking glass" and "Bentham". Again, it raises the question as to how much is planned. - The explanation for Ben turning "evil" : so, it's not the loss of his mother, it's not because of his father's attitude, it was a "mystical" conversion in the Temple ??? I know that lil'Ben has previously been established as troubled and manipulative ( flawing Volkswagen, anyone ? ), but linking his "transformation" to the Temple is pretty weak for a show that usually writes its characters so well. But I keep hoping they downplay the Temple's role in Ben's transformation in season 6. - The Rousseau storyline : so, what have we learned ? Almost nothing. What a waste of time.

And now, if you don't all hate me yet, what was great ( again, for me ) : - Hurley and Miles' duo. I never really liked Miles before, but he makes a great couple with Hurley. "Hoth" was one of my favourites this year. - Any scene with Terry O'Quinn, Michael Emerson, or both ( you guessed, "Dead is dead" was ALSO one of my faves ) - Sawyer's "LaFleur" persona. Yes, as one of you noted, his transformation might be a little rushed for us ( remember that a three-year gap remains unaccounted for ) , but I think that "Because you left" and "The lie" foreshadowed it, Sawyer began to take charge before Locke came back. - Kate's goodbye to Aaron. Probably one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the show, I think. - Seeing, without warning, the full statue. - Finally seeing the "count to five" scene : great payoff. - "The incident", the launchpad to a season 6 that seems to be deeply rooted in ( mostly egyptian ) mythology !!!

So, what are your ups and downs ? Do some of you agree with mine ? --Lccf 13:16, December 30, 2009 (UTC)

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