Oh, the irony ! Neither Jack nor Sawyer trust the MIB a bit, but each one might be doing his bidding ! The first one, by coming back running ( well, swimming ) to him, the other one by trying to leave the island, which might be, if Jack's instincts are correct, exactly what the MIB wants. Who do you think is right on this one ? Jack might be "with" the MIB, I think he's right, I think the MIB wants to get rid of the Candidates, and, because the rules prevent him from killing them, he wants them under his power, like Sayid, or away from the island ... maybe because whatever power Jacob had to contain the MIB was splintered between the Candidates whan he died, and the only way for the MIB to get rid of his chains is to have all Candidates "claimed" or off-island ???--Lccf 08:18, April 23, 2010 (UTC)

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