So now we know that what everybody, including Dharma, thought to be electromagnetism, was not, but some mystical energy otherwise known as the Force ... I mean, the Light, could it be that pushing the button REALLY was supposed to save the world ? Maybe if good old Des didn't push the button, the Light would have went out, meaning the ultimate victory of evil and/or death ? Maybe the Incident hurt the Source ( after all, the Source, the "heart of the island", is close to the 815 crash site, and so is the Swan ), and the only way to prevent it to collapse altogether was to push the button. I've never understood that button nonsense ( although it gave us good Jack/Locke scenes ), but maybe now it makes sense, doesn't it ? Suppose Desmond was not saving the world in a physical way, but everybody's soul ? And when he triggered the failsaife, maybe it undid whatever damage the Incident had done, patching the Source's "leak" ? That's the way I see things anyway, thoughts ? --Lccf 16:00, May 22, 2010 (UTC)

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