If we believe Nemesis ( mind you, I didn't say we should, but so far nothing proves he's lying ) , Jacob is the protector of the island. From what ? My guess : Jacob's here to protect the Spring, protecting its secret until mankind is mature enough to have access to it. That was what he was trying to show Nemesis when he brought the ship ( the Black Rock ? ) : whether mankind was ready or not, since Nemesis seems to be the one with the ability to "scan" the human soul, and determine whether men are worthy of the Spring or not. Question is, what is he capable to do to protect the island ? I know that some of you blame the Purge on Widmore, but Richard was clearly a part of it, and as he is the only one with access to Jacob, we can only deduce one thing : Jacob either ordered the Purge, or at least allowed it to happen. I think it's because Dharma found out about the Spring ( remember the Temple as a Dharma logo on Ben's map ? ) . It puts back Jacob as the "good one" in perspective, clearly. That's why I think NO ONE will replace him as protector of the island at the end of the show. I can picture Jack ( on whose shoulders it will probably fall ) refusing to take a job that includes mass-murder in its description. Anyone agree ?--Lccf 13:00, February 21, 2010 (UTC)

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