It seems people like to use nicknames for relationships on the show, such as Skate, Suliet ... or my two favorites, Desnelope and Charladay. All the major ones have a nickname, but what about the other ones ? Here are some suggestions :

- Charlie + Claire = Chaire

- Hurley + Libby = Hubby

- Ben + Annie = Bennie ( although we're not sure there has been that kind of relationship between them, but could be ) .

- Sayid + Nadia = Saydia

But we could try someone more original that fusing the names :

- Jack + Kate : ct5 ( count to five : that's were it all started, right ? )

- Sawyer + Juliet : Dharmalove ( maybe this one already exists, I'm not sure ... )

- Widmore + Eloïse : leader'ship

Any other ideas ? Place your suggestions here !--Lccf 12:15, November 3, 2009 (UTC)

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