I've read some of the theories, but I've got one of my own. We all seem to agree that the locked room contains some kind of a "secret weapon" against Nemesis. Of course, that's based on the assumption that Sawyer's right about Widmore coming to kill Nemesis, but I'd trust James' instincts on that one. So, what kind of weapon ? I originally thought it could be Desmond, a much needed "ace in the hole" in the battle for the island, so to speak. But what if it's something nastier ( and Widmore, Team Jacob or not, IS a nasty guy ) . Something like ... a device capable of triggering an eruption of the volcano ? Eruption means lots and lots of ash, which could do much harm to Nemesis ( and maybe sink the island in the process ). I know, such a device is over-the-top sci-fi ( as a matter of fact, I recently watch an old Wild Wild West episode that had such a story ), but hey, we had time travel, so I wouldn't rule that out, what do you think ?--Lccf 10:26, March 19, 2010 (UTC)

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