So far, we've seen in the FST ( I'm sticking to the main cast ) : Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Charlie, Desmond, Ben, Locke, Boone, Sun and Jin, Rose and Bernard, Miles, Daniel, Charlotte, Sayid, Claire. We have not seen, but know about : Richard ( with no Jacob, he's dead ) , Shannon. That leaves unaccounted for : Eko, Libby, Ana Lucia ( wow, almost all of the tail section ! ), Michael, Walt, Juliet, Lapidus. Now, I've heard that Harold Perrineau was pissed at the way his storyline turned out, so I have no hope about Michael, and I can see what kind of problems bringing Walt back could cause. But what about the others ? I'm guessing, like some others, that Juliet might be the mother of Jack's son, Libby could feature in a Hurley FS( where they could try to explain what she was doing in that hospital, if she's still there in that timeline ). Let's guess how they could introduce the others, shall we ? If Ana Lucia's still a cop, she could work with Sawyer and Miles. Easy one. Eko might have remained a priest ... but given the fact that your path in the FST seems to depend on who you were in the OT, I'm afraid his lack of repentence when "judged" by the MIB could have led him to persevere in his criminal activities : who knows, maybe he's the one Sawyer ... sorry, detective Ford ... was after at the beginning of "Recon" ? Lapidus' case still bugs me, though. If it was somehow his fate not to fly 815, how come that, in the FST, a world without Jacob, Seth Norris is still the one that flies 815 ? Is that a clue that Frank's definitely not a "candidate" ? Anyway, maybe Desmond, when looking for the 815 passengers' list, will have to deal with him, if he's still working for Oceanic. So, what do you think of my suggestions, and what are yours ? --Lccf 08:44, April 10, 2010 (UTC)

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