Rewatching season 5, I was striken of how, even we in presence of people that didn't know the real John Locke ( Iliana, Ceasar ), Nemesis behaved like John ( the mango refering to the first episode, some of his facial expressions ... ) So here's the question : do you think we've been purely and simply fooled by the ultimate con man, a Loki-style trickster god, or is there something else ? Is it possible that Nemesis somehow retains part of the personality of the person he poses as ( just like Sylar in Heroes when he shapeshifts ? ) , given he seems to have access to John's memories ? What do you think, is he pure Nemesis, or Nemesis with an inch of Locke ?--Lccf 14:19, November 28, 2009 (UTC)

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