I know that some have been surprised that, when meeting the losties, Rousseau doesn't recognize Jin, whom she met under pretty memorable circumstances. But did old(er) Rousseau ever meet Jin face to face ? Have some of you checked ? And if she did, what do you think about all these memory issues : Charlotte not remembering Faraday's warnings, Ben forgetting that Sayid shot him, and that he lived with some of the losties during at least two years, Desmond remembering Faraday's visit to the hatch only when the time is right ? Sure, some of these have some explanations - Rousseau became half-nuts, Charlotte was just a little kid - but still ... It screams "plot convenience" sometimes, but I can't help to think that the island, or Jacob ( or maybe they are one and the same ? ) "erased" these memories to prevent time paradoxes, and returned them only when it's too late ( Charlotte ) , or when it suits whatever "destiny" is planned for the losties ( Desmond ) . So, if the island is somehow trying to manipulate the events, or to "fix" the timeline, maybe it's the force between WHH, and, in "Flashes before your eyes", Eloïse was, as a good Other, doing the island's bidding by preserving the timeline. What do you think ?--Lccf 14:00, January 6, 2010 (UTC)

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