I found it strange, and by strange I mean quite hypocrite, that Jacob claims to let the candidates «  a choice he never had » … after manipulating them, leading them to the island, their whole lives. But I've realized perhaps he's really trying to preserve free will … just on another level. After all, the Protector's role is to make sure that what the island contains ( « pure » evil, if you want ) doesn't « tip the balance » Dogen talked about , that, in other words, everyone remains in control of his own moral compass, that when you do bad things, you do it because you want to, and not because of some mystical force. Remember that Jacob told Ben he had a choice not to kill him, remember he thought people had to choose their own paths until Richard warned him the MIB would use his powers to make them evil ( otherwise known as « claiming » ). In another words, I think Jacob sacrificed the free will of some ( the candidates, Desmond ) to preserve everybody else's one. I didn't say he was right to do so, I'm just trying to make sense of it all. Thoughts ?

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