Jacob's cave and the "Adam and Eve" riddle

Lccf February 20, 2010 User blog:Lccf

The black and white stones point to a link between Jacob's cave and the "Adam and Eve" cave. So, what if "Adam and Eve" are Jacob and Nemesis's original bodies ? ( When haven't seen Jacob "claim" a dead body, but that doesn't mean he can't : Sayid, maybe ? ) . I know that following Jack's estimations, the skeletons should be too "young" to be Jacob and Nemesis , but what does such an estimation mean on an island where time can go crazy ? Second, one is a female. Well, I think that's Nemesis. Think about it : the two deities Nemesis is close to, Nemesis, the greek godess of revenge and retribution, and Ammit, the egyptian judge of souls, are both females ( yes, the "t" is a female gender mark in ancient egyptian ). As some of you have noticed, Jacob's list of "candidates" doesn't include women ( I think that "Kwon" is Jin ) : maybe because Nemesis is female, and can claim female bodies more easily ( which doesn't mean women are "evil", just easier prey ) . Maybe that's why Nemesis' name is concealed : it would reveal to us he was originally a she, and the Others are their offspring ( creepy thought, I know ) . Maybe we should stop calling him Esau, and call him Rebecca ??? --Lccf 09:26, February 20, 2010 (UTC)

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