Some of us have theorized that the flash-sideways are, in fact, directly linked to the events on the island. Indeed, Carlton said that the fact that the FS characters were sometimes "aware" of the other timeline, but not the other way round, was important : it seems to imply that the FS are, in some ways, flashforwards. But in what sense ? Most people think that the FS are a way for Jacob to thank is followers ( Jack, Hurley ) , and punish his enemies ( Sayid ) . But what if it's simpler than that, and it's about morality ? I mean : what if the moral choices they make on the island determine who they are in the FS ? Look at Ben, he's on the road to redemption, and in the FS, he's a better person. Sayid has been corrupted, and in the FS, he can't be a good person, even if he wants to. Kate doesn't really seem to know what she's doing on Team Nemesis, and in the FS she's still on the run, still undecided. I'm not sure Jacob or Nemesis has any hand in what happens in the FS : maybe THEY make their own path. After all, it's what the FS are about : the characters are free from the island's influence, free from destiny. I have my theory : at the end, Jack ( probably Jack ) will refuse to replace Jacob as the island's protector, and even will convince the island's higher powers ( the ones that put Jacob in charge, the ones that sent the creepy blonde kid ) that the island doesn't need protecting, that manipulating the "candidates" was wrong. As a result, these powers will offer our characters a shot at life without the island : the FS. Thoughts ? --Lccf 13:58, March 11, 2010 (UTC)

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