One thing's bugging me. If the FST is the pre-afterlife the losties created for themselves, does that mean that the people here who weren't important to them when they were alive ( like, say, the taxi driver Kate holds hostage, or Ben's principal ) are not real ? Personnaly, I can't accept that. Let's say this : the FST is the threshold of afterlife for everyone. BUT, as the losties saved the island, they are the ones who determine what it looks like. The people they meet are real ( dead ) people, but the form the FST has taken is the losties' doing ... some kind of special privilege if you will. Maybe they can even call people who have already "moved on" back from "the light" to populate their scenario (like, presumably, Christian or Eloïse, who seem to know much about how the FST works ). I know how useless it is to try to make perfect sense of what we've seen, but I'd like to have your opinion on that. --Lccf 06:28, May 27, 2010 (UTC)

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