There's definitely something weird about FST-Bernard and Rose ... On 815, she tells Jack "you can let go now", which is HUGELY relevant, as confirmed by the DVD commentary, and they tell each other "I missed you" ... much like Kate tells Jack she missed him. I'm pretty sure they KNOW. They're aware of the nature of the FST universe, and remember their lives. Why would that be ? And then I thought : if I'm not mistaken, they are the only ones to have never left the island, and on their own free will. So I guess the "light", or whatever you want to call the power behind the island, has granted them full FST-awareness. Possibly they remember because they are each other's "significant other" who can trigger the other one's memory ... but I think the FST universe starts with the opening seconds of 815 ( you go right from the end of the season to the beginning, if you want ) , and Rose tells the "you can let go" line BEFORE Bernard comes back ... Thoughts ?--Lccf 15:30, October 13, 2010 (UTC)

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