You were born on the weirdest rock on Earth, with no name because your mom was too dumb to think of two names. You were raised by a semi-psycho who despised humanity ... and finally slaughtered all of your companions. When you confronted that treacherous murderer, your self-righteous brother sent you to a fate worse than death. And then began the name-calling. "Monster", they said. "Security system", they said. No one ever thought you were once a man. When you found someone who could at last free you from your chains, instead of relating to your pain, being a prisoner himself, he joined your brother. But finally, finally, your patience came to an end : you found your loophole, you found a man who believed so much in his own worth that he was so easily tricked. Taking the man's appareance, you managed to have your brother killed ... only to discover he had brought ( against their will ) people to stop you. Worse, he kept taunting you from the grave as his kid self. You did your best to get rid of all the "candidates", but failed. Just when you, at long last, had a plan to destroy your prison and fly to freedom, it turned against you : you bled, you fought ... and you were taken down just like a regular human, without even smoke-monstering one last time, and turned a motif into a running gag ( "oh my God they killed Locke ! AGAIN !" ). R.I.P. Man in Black. You were a tragic figure, and no one realized. --Lccf 07:16, May 27, 2010 (UTC)

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