We've assumed that Claire and Sayid suffer from the same "infection" because Dogen said so, and because some of us thought Claire, just like Sayid, died ( during the Barracks attack )and was brought back by the Man in Black. BUT Sayid described his state as "not feeling anything", when Claire seems overwhelmed with emotions : anger, pain. So maybe they are not so alike as they seem. Sayid is now nothing more than a puppet for the MIB, whereas Claire, crazy as she has become, seems to have retained some level of independent thought ( for instance, dialogue between the two of them seems to indicate he wasn't expecting her to attack Kate when she did ). So is it possible that either (1) what happened to Claire and Sayid are two different things (2) or they are not "infected" to the same extent ? Given that Dogen seems to know what he's talking about, I'd go for option 2. Perhaps, if the "infection" has indeed something to do with one's moral compass, the difference between the two is that Claire's, pre-infection, was more leaning to "good" than Sayid's. ( Well, she didn't kill anyone back then, right ? )Perhaps the Man in Black can't really twist your moral compass that much, just make a seed of "evil", that DID exist within Sayid, as Ben pointed out, grow. And maybe Claire's crazyness is ... well, proof of her moral sanity, proof she's somehow fighting back, just like fever ( which, precisely, can make you a little crazy ), is proof your body's fighting an infection ? After all, Sayid, who's given body and soul to the MIB, is corrupted but NOT crazy - not like Claire, anyway. So what do you think ? I'm afraid Sayid is, actually, gone ( after all, not feeling anything is a synonym for being dead, which makes me think he never was really reborn, not completely, at least ) , but is there hope for Claire ? Could, say, an encounter with the brother she didn't know she had, break the MIB's control ?--Lccf 18:20, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

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