For those who are not into comics ( and, being a girl who likes comics, I know there are a lot of people who are not ), Layla Miller is a character in the X-Men story "House of M". In this story, reality is warped (for those interested, I won't well by who or why ) , and Layla Miller has somehow the ability to "awaken" the heroes, make them remember how things are supposed to be, to gather them to fight the one responsible for the reality warp. Damon and Carlton being geeks ( remember Charlie arguing about who's faster between Flash and Superman ? ) , maybe they've got this story in the back of their heads. My point being : Desmond seems to be acting like Layla for the FST losties: do you think he's just stimulating their memories, like Charlie did for him, or did electromagnetism give him some kind of "ability" ??? And do you think some evil power is behind the FST ( I'm still not sold on that ) . Oh, and I forgot the icing on the cake : Layla's catchphrase is "I know stuff", and our pal Des seems to know a LOT of stuff following last week's ordeal ...--Lccf 18:28, April 15, 2010 (UTC)

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