So why did he made himself arrested to break free just after that ? I guess that now, Detective Sawyer, who didn't want to go the concert, will have to follow him there ! It seems obvious to me that Des is trying to reunite as many 815ers ( or losties in general ) he can at the concert. We know Jack will be there, Claire will, Miles and Chang will, Charlotte will Desmond and Kate will ... and probably Hurley, Sayid and anyone else Sayid's probably supposed to kidnap ( Jin and Sun ? ). And didn't Rousseau say something about the concert ? That would ALSO place Ben, Alex and Rousseau at the scene. If Juliet is David's mother, she will be there too. Now, with all these people that knew each other in another life, SOMETHING has to happen, right ? So, what do you think of my little scenario here ? --Lccf 16:23, May 19, 2010 (UTC)

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