"The Candidate" proved me right on two of some of my theories : 1. The losties have to work TOGETHER against the Man in Black. The "candidate" stuff is B.S. to mislead the Man in Black: the key to the island's ( and possibly the world's ) salvation lies in all of them working together. 2. To be free, the Man in Black has to kill ( or convert ) all the candidates ... which seems to indicate none of them is prevalent over the others. We were led to believe that Jack's the one, but again, it could very well be misdirection. ( see my "Live together, die alone" blog for those interested ) . So, since I fill lucky lately, I'll risk making some prognosis about who's gonna make it or not : - I think Kate won't die, sorry Kate-haters ! I think Claire, who has begun to shake the MIB's control, will rebel against him and die ... Kate, on the other hand, will go back to the "real world" and raise Aaron ... after all, for all he's concerned, she's his mother ! - I don't think Hurley will die ... we need him to communicate with Jacob, don't we ? Plus, after Jin and Sun's heart-wrenching death, I'm not sure we could stand Hurley's, and the writers know that. - I don't think Sawyer will die ... not from a head wound anyway, if he has to bite the dust, he deserves better than that ! ( His final line ? "Son of a bitch", of course ! ) - I don't think Desmond will die. Remember Widmorewas looking for someone who could SURVIVE a high level of electromagnetism. And he needs to go back to Penny. - BUT I think Ben could die. It would be a fitting way to make up for all the bad he's done. - Richard could die too, finally. We know he's had some second thoughts about immortality lately ... dying would be like a rest for him, and a way to reunite with Isabella. - Jack ... Jack could die, if you consider becoming the new protector of the island means dying ... since it seems to leave your humanity behind, you could as well say Jack as we know him will die. - Oh, and I don't think for a second Lapidus died. Come on, the guy landed more or less safely on the island TWICE ... no way he's gonna die so easily ! Do you agree ? Do you disagree ? Let the bets begin ! --Lccf 12:30, May 6, 2010 (UTC)

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