So, it seems pretty clear that we are to expect a LOT of deaths in the last season. Who do you think will bite the dust ?My picks : Sawyer. Yes, I hate to say that, but it's precisely BECAUSE he's one of my favourites that I think he could die, probably towards the end, in a redeeming blaze of glory. He's evolved so much over the years, to become selfless ( helicopter jump ) and the de facto leader of the losties, and sacrificing himself would be the sad, but glorious, culmination of that. Plus, he's the Han Solo of Lost, and we all know Harrisson Ford pleaded to Lucas to kill Solo in Return of the Jedi ! And second, Hurley. Yes, very sad too. But his "powers" are likely to make him a key component in the "war" - reason enough for Nemesis to kill him : remember that the cabin ( that Nemesis apparently inhabited )opened when he came, why if not to lure him ? ( Same stands for Miles, by the way. ) And third, maybe Iliana, the Jacob loyalist, dying in the war against his nemesis - but in that case, I couldn't care less for now. I think the only safe one is Jack, as Matthew Fox is rumored to be the only actor to know about the last scene ( that's not considered spoiler, right ? ) : I guess it can only mean he's in it ( granted, the last scene could be his death, but somehow I don't think so, I think - hope - it will be on a bigger scale ). And I guess Ben is too. He's a born survivor ( but I thought the same of Locke !!! ) . What are your "doomed" and "safe" picks ?--Lccf 15:10, January 16, 2010 (UTC)

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