On one of my blogs, there has been a debate about whether all of the FST people are "real" people, beside the "awakened" ones. We know that Daniel's the real deal, and so is Eloïse, and so is Ana Lucia. But what about the minor ones ? And someone raised a good question : what about David, who never existed in the first place ? Kind of cruel to think he's a figment of Jack's imagination ... but I have to agree it's probably the only possible answer. And I noticed something : once John says "you have no son, Jack !", it seems David is never seen again. ( Please correct me if I'm wrong ). As if ... as if Jack, feeling that John's right, "erased" him. What's your take on this, people ? By the way, isn't it weird that Sun and Jin refer to their baby in the FST as Ji-Yeon ? It can't be Ji-Yeon, not the one we know, since the baby is not supposed to have been conceived at the same time as the "original" Ji-Yeon. On the other hand, that baby hasn't been conceived at all, since you need to be alive to do that ! Could it be that the baby holds a part of Ji-Yeon's soul after her death ? That still doesn't explain where the hack David comes from. Gaaah that afterlife thing is so confusing ! --Lccf 16:38, May 29, 2010 (UTC)

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