Did you notice ? In the flash-sideways timeline, most of the characters that have daddy issues as we know them, don't. - Ben cares about his dad, vs. killing him, and protected Alex vs. leading her to her death. - Miles speaks about Dr Chang in a friendly way, friendly enough for him to organize a date for his colleague with his son's partner. - Locke wants to invite his dad to his wedding. Of course, Anthony Cooper's still "Sawyer" in the FST, so I'm not sure Locke was talking about him. In fact, I'm assuming he's talking about an adoptive father. But you got the idea, no daddy issue with this one. - If the Comic-con video is canon, Kate didn't kill her dad. Of course, she planned to do it, but seemed to have failed. So, I'd say her daddy issue is "lighter" in the FST. - BUT there's one big exception. Apparently, Jack and Christian's relation was pretty much the same as we know it. So, maybe it's significant ? Maybe it's a sign of how "different" Christian is ... I'm probably reading into it too much, but could that be a sign that Nemesis' influence over Christian remains in the FST ( which could explain his body's weird disappearance ) ????????

Any ideas ?--Lccf 17:08, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

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