Many of us have seen the fabulous Cuatro promo with the island recreated as a chess board. It's so meaningful, that now that the "pieces" are falling into place, I've been wondering who could be what kind of piece. Obviously, Jacob would be the white king, and MIB the black king. ( the theories about MIB being "the good guy" seem to be pretty quiet since the Temple massacre ) That would probably make Ilana the white queen, and Claire the black one ( I'd have said Kate, but she's not that loyal to MIB ). Desmond would be a knight, because knights are unpredictable, and not bound by the same rules as the others. Ben and Sawyer would probably be rooks, since the rook, who can change places with another piece ( the "castling" ) , is kinda the "con man" of chess. And of course, the redshirts would be pawns. Any suggestions ?--Lccf 07:41, March 27, 2010 (UTC)

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