So ... according to "mysteries of the universe", supposing it's canon ( it's on the DVD, so we can suppose it is ) , Eloïse was in charge of the Lamp Post in the 1980s, before the Purge gave the Others full access to the Dharma resources.So she was part of Dharma ! She could be an infiltrator, like Benjy and Ethan, but what if she's a defector, and betrayed the Others for Dharma ?

Two troubling facts go into that direction :

- the Dharma brainwashing video telling " God loves you as he loved Jacob" : so, Dharma has heard about Jacob ( could be a coïncidence, or the video could have been made by the Others, but I don't thnik so ).

- we all have noticed that the Temple has a Dharma logo on Ben's map.

Here's the theory : after the Incident, Eloïse was so distraught by the murder of Faraday, or in disagreement with Widmore, that she defected to Dharma, and betrayed the location and purpose of the Temple. It could even be the motive behind the Purge, after decades of coexistence : retaliation for invading and "desecrating" ( sp ? ) the Temple with experiments. And it could explain why Eloïse left ( was expelled from ? ) the island with Faraday.

It seems to add up, what do you think ?

--Lccf 18:02, November 6, 2009 (UTC)

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