The temptation of power, obviously, but is that everything ? When I first saw "Doctor Linus", I thought Ben's line of thinking here probably tells us what we need to know about what happened between Ben and Widmore. Doctor Linus tries to take the principal's place because he's power-hungry, yes, but also, as he says, because he cares about the students ( and I think he's telling the truth ) and thinks the principal's leadership is detrimental to them. I guess that is a reflection of how Ben rationalized his coup : he cared about the Others, since they saved his life as a kid, and disagreed with Widmore's agressive methods (i.e. the Purge, which seems to have been his responsibility ) that neglected important problems in his eyes ( pregnancy issues ). So he took leadership from Widmore because he genuinely thought he could be a better leader, that it was in the community's interest. All he needed was probably a push from someone else ( Locke in the FST, and on the island ... I'd say Eloïse, probably, since she seems to have been removed from leadership between the Incident and the Purge ). I know, many tyrants probably think they're doing what's right by taking matters in their own hands, and Ben was indeed a power-addicted control freak until his return to the island, but I found "Doctor Linus" shed some light on the power struggles among the Others in a symbolic way, and show us there maybe were good reasons for Ben to stab Widmore in the back ...

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