Some will complain that it has probably been already told, but I'd like to share with you my theory on the effects of the Jughead detonation. I don't believe in complete "reboot" of the timeline - we can't have wasted five years on a version of the characters that is no more ! On top of that, think about it : what if Jughead REALLY erases history ? No 815 crash, so no Jack to detonate the bomb, so the plane crashes, so ... Two words : time paradox. Fabric-of-reality-destroying stuff. So, here's my take : the bomb will create an alternate scenario INSIDE THE SAME TIMELINE. We'll have, for instance, TWO Jacks, one that crashed, still stuck in '77 ( too many unfinished threads here ) , and one that didn't crash, within the same timeline. And of course, some dearly departed, such as Charlie, will be back. And maybe, in a moment of sci-fi craziness, another plane will finally crash on the island ( course correction ! ) , and the alternate set of Losties will meet the Ajiras. What do you think ?

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