Who could be the ultimate candidate, the one to replace Jacob ? If I was a betting person, I'd place my money on Jack, even if Hurley seems to have evolved a lot in that direction. BUT I've had another idea. What if the candidate is not one of the losties, but ALL OF THEM TOGETHER ? I mean, all of them who are still alive, and not "claimed". We know since season 1 these people are connected, and even in the FST, they keep bumping into each other ( as the ever perceptive Sawyer pointed out ) , and Desmond seems to be actively trying to reunite all of them. That HAS to mean something. What if they need to be together to protect the island ? Maybe Jacob's power was splintered between them when he died. Think about it : coexistence has been of the main themes of the show since the beginning. "Live together, die alone", right ? Maybe Jacob's still trying to prove the MIB a point : when the MIB thinks that humans inevitably fight and kill each other, he has devised a plan where the losties, by sticking together, at the same time prove the MIB wrong and prevent him from leaving the island. None of them is the candidate, they are each part of the solution. We don't know who crossed the names in the cave : maybe the MIB did, as he does with Locke's, not Jacob. Maybe that's not the way Jacob's mind works : it's not a contest, with only one remaining, it's all about cooperation. Of course, it's a big gamble on Jacob's part, to assume the losties can be united when the time comes, but I guess he's willing to go that far to prove the MIB wrong ( of course, Jacob seems to have some precognitive abilities, but if, in the end, it's all about free will, he can't possibly be sure of the outcome ). I'm probably wrong, but such a scenario would fit nicely with season 1's themes, wouldn't it ?--Lccf 08:27, April 28, 2010 (UTC)

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