''*Do not read if you have not seen season 6*''

In my opinion Frank Lapidus is, to the other characters, the most unwanted person ever...

For example: When the sub crashed Lapidus "Supposedly" died. Before the sub crashed, Hurley asked Jack: "What about Sayid?" and Jack replies "There is no Sayid!" So Hurley obviously cared that Sayid had sacrificed himself. Then when Kate, Hurley, Jack and Sawyer all end up on the beach, Kate asks about Sun and Jin, and they all just burst into tears because they realize that they're dead. But NO-ONE asked about Frank- No-one even said: "Hey, wheres Frank?".

I also don't think that Frank is liked by the audience, but thats just in my opinion, since I really don't like Frank.... He's the only character in LOST that makes me think of LOST as a weird Television Show/Movie. Lapidus' only point in LOST was to fly them on and off the island....

What do you guys think of Frank Lapidus? If you don't hate him, then who's your least favorite character in LOST?

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